DESAM warns schools

Schools which are collecting deposits or not allowing students to fill examinations form for the upcoming Class X and XII examinations should have their decisions revoked by April 7.
Democratic Students' Alliance of Manipur (DESAM) said this in a statement issued today and added that reports along with evidence have come into possession of the student union that some schools are collecting deposits or not allowing students to fill examination form citing their failure to secure minimum passing marks in pre-board or pre-council examinations conducted by their schools.
This is certainly not student friendly and raises the question if the schools are there for students or students are there for schools and if the students are not allowed to sit in examination after collecting schools fees and admission charges over the years, DESAM will take this as an evidence that schools have been converted into money making machine rather than a place to produce and guide students to a better future, added the statement.
Such schools should understand that it is COHSEM and BOSEM that will decide if a student is qualified to pass the exam or not depending upon their performance and if the schools prevent them from giving these exams for the sake of the schools prestige, DESAM will not take that lightly, added the statement.
DESAM appealed to any students or parents who are facing the problem of not being able to fill examination forms to contact DESAM through telephone numbers 7005055378 and 7005015771. The students' body can also contacted throught its facebook.