Name Ministers, cops having nexus with druglords demand raised Cong refers to statement of BJP MLA

By Our Staff Reporter
IMPHAL, Apr 6: Categorically stating that the Government must take serious note of Manipur State Planning Board Deputy Chairman Lourembam Rameshwor’s statement that the drug menace besieging the State can be overcome only when some Ministers/MLAs and police officers work with sincerity, Congress party has urged the Government to name the Ministers, MLAs and police officers who have nexus with druglords and kingpins.
Speaking to media persons at Congress Bhavan here today, Congress spokesman Ningombam Bupenda remarked that Rameshwor’s statement who is also a BJP MLA testified abject failure of the BJP-led Government’s War on Drugs.
The open statement made by the BJP MLA on a public platform on April 2 regarding insincerity on the part of some Ministers, MLAs and police officers in waging the War on Drugs has evoked some serious questions among the masses, Bupenda said.
Given this situation, the Government ought to come out with a list of Ministers, MLAs and police officers who are involved in drug related crimes. If the Government cannot bring out such a list, its much hyped War on Drugs is a complete failure, he said.    
Claiming that none of the incumbent Congress MLAs and former Ministers are involved in drug related crimes, the spokesman pointed out that the Chief Minister of the former Congress Government, in order to clear people’s doubts, handed over a drug seizure case to the CBI after one of his relatives was said to be involved in the particular case.
Although the incumbent Government has been claiming to be citizen-centric, none of the high-profile and huge drug seizure cases which happened during its time has been handed over to the CBI or any autonomous investigating agency, Bupenda said.
He went on to ask as to why the Government is stubbornly refusing to file an appeal at the High Court  regarding the drug seizure case involving Lhukhosei Zou in spite of strong and sustained pressure from the public while it readily filed appeals at the High Court against certain cases which have been already acquitted by the ND&PS and some special Courts.  
He then expressed serious concern that the present  drug menace would land the future generations in a very precarious situation.
He said that the devastating impacts of drug abuse may wipe out the entire generation.
The Congress spokesman urged the Government to file appeals at the High Court regarding certain drug cases as demanded by the public even though the accused in these cases have been acquitted by lower Courts.