Singjamei market

IMPHAL, Apr 6 : A newly constructed double-storeyed women’s market was inaugurated today at Singjamei by Manipur Legislative Assembly Speaker Yumnam Khemchand who also represents Singjamei AC.
Speaking at the inaugural function, Khemchand said that construction of a new Singjamei Keithel (market) was one of the promises he made soon after he came out after collecting his election certificate.
He said that he did not seek separate fund for construction of the new market complex.
A substantial amount was lying unutilised in 2014 because of a pending Court case. There was another amount meant for construction of a traffic island near the market site, he said.
“As soon as I was elected as an MLA, I made a strong argument against the plan to construct a traffic island. I argued that Singjamei Ima Keithel should be preserved just as Khwairamband Ima Keithel is preserved. Thus construction of the new market complex began with the amount which were lying unused”, Khemchand said.
“I could not simply impose my will just because I am the Speaker and an MLA without support of the Government. The Chief Minister concurred with my idea and gave due permission for construction of the new market complex”, he continued. He then conveyed gratitude to the Chief Minister for his concurrence and support. Imphal Municipal Corporation Mayor L Lokeshore claimed that a market complex could be constructed at Singjamei in place of the earlier dilapidated one following the election of Y Khemchand as the MLA of Singjamei AC. He then sought support of the people of Singjamei towards the several development works taken up by the MLA/Speaker. Lokeshore further sought re-election of Y Khemchand as the MLA of Singjamei AC.