Every Breathe Matters

Geetanjali Gautam
Terror took a wrong turn in the dawn of the decade
Almost bearable for the ones with silver and gold
And deadly for the ones without it;
Bearable, but not quite.

With healthcare becoming almost a special niche,
For very need at the moment.
All those science classes saying
“Oxygen is available in nature”
was in vain.

I can see the white-collar masses laughing
They are strong, they will survive.
We are below the bar
And we watch them,
Like watching the roach.
We never take eyes off the roach.

The masses are everywhere.
Cause they are angry
They know how to do things;
They have sane and deadly anger
For sane and deadly things.
If you would just listen!!

On the verge of losing humanity
We yet again see another face of it.
From campaigns and donations
With #helpindiabreathe  to a very old grandmother serving home-cooked meals to those in wary.
We have seen the kindness within each soul.
Ones we were meant to be
Ones we had lost on the way.

With a promised healthcare system
We are running in chaos for a bed in the arena.
With a promised and fruitful employment
We are returning to our homes defeated and empty-handed.

Did the system fail us?
Did the people in power fail us?
Did we fail ourselves?
We will never know.

Black lives and equal pay matters,
And a hundred different things.
And among the smoke of the propaganda
Everyone matters.
Every breathe matters.