Beauty Lies in Everything

M Minakshi Devi
When the inside becomes a little hollow, a little bland,
Let's look for the beauty outside in Nature.
In the universe, in others that isn't us,
Staring at the shining moon.
In the dark starry night, sitting under the oak tree.
Under the warmest sunshine, watching the squirrel nibble on acorns.
Feeling the earth under the feet,
Laying on the greenest grass, staring at the bluest sky,
Swimming in a steamy river, bathing under the pouring rain,
Enjoying rainbows and storms, the thunder in all forms.
There is a lyric in every brook as it rushes over rocks.
There is an ode to every hill where the birds fly unlocked.
There is rhythm in every sound, in every beating of the heart.
There is poetry in every union, and every couple apart.
There is a poem in every cotton field
A sonnet in every cherry blossom tree.
There is beauty in everything.
It's just for you to see.