A gist of the lecture series on Hum Jitenge : Positivity Unlimited

Covid Response Team (CRT)
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“There is a need to create an atmosphere of boundless hope and positivity in the society so that no one is despaired or disappointed. For this, we may support creative pursuits, and we should have a feeling of gratitude in mind. We are all fighting this war, and we will get victory in it. But for this, we have to make sure that we do not consider ourselves helpless; we must stay away from anger, frustration, disappointment, share positive thoughts, and support others to create an atmosphere of positivity at the collective level in society.”
DAY FOUR: 14th May 2021 : On the fourth day of the series, Sadhvi Rithambara Ji, Vatsalya Gram, and Sant Gyan Dev Singh Ji, Shri Panchayati Akhara -Nirmal called upon the Bharatiya society to invoke the rich spiritual tradition of India and thus awaken its inner strength to overcome the Corona crisis. They said that instead of feeling helpless in unfavorable conditions, this challenge could be overcome only by taking a resolve with a strong mind.
Sadhvi Ritambhara Ji said in her address, “The strength of a society is tested under adverse circumstances. In these adverse circumstances, while our entire country is struggling with a strange pandemic, this is the time when we have to awaken our inner strength. The biggest mountains can be moved by courage and determination.  When the river flows, it can convert big rocks into sand. Therefore, feeling helpless in this challenging situation wouldn’t resolve the crisis; you have to awaken your inner strength to meet this challenge.” She said that every crisis has a solution, but it comes to you only when you trust yourself and your God. With this trust and belief, we will overcome this epidemic. “I want to request all Indians that instead of accusing others, everyone should awaken their self-confidence, self-restraint, and self-determination. Amid all these circumstances, if our power is used only in negative thinking, then the ability to do and to think of something new will vanish.”
Sant Gyan Devji Maharaj said in his address, “There is no need to panic. It is not only Bharat, but the whole world is going through a transition phase. Nothing is unchanged in this world. If sadness has arrived, it will not stay for long, and it would go away as it has come. So, there is no need to panic. If anyone gets infected, he should think about God, read Gita, read Gurubani. Keep your body healthy, your mind healthy. If you have won your mind, you have won over the world. If your mind is healthy, you will be healthy, and there will be no effect on you.”
He said that all the advice which doctors give during this pandemic has always been an integral part of the Bharatiya lifestyle for ages. We can all stay healthy by following our rich cultural and spiritual traditions. Therefore, the need for the hour is to identify these rich traditions and follow them in our lives.
DAY FIVE: 15th May 2021
RSS Sarsanghchalak Dr. Mohan Bhagwat addressed the Nation on the 5th and final day.
With determination, alertness, patience, and collective efforts, the corona crisis will definitely be conquered – Dr. Mohan Bhagwat Ji.
Dr. Mohan Bhagwat Ji, in his address to the Nation, urged that Bharatiya would overcome the Corona crisis with determination, persistent efforts, and patience. He reiterated that this is not the time for the blame game; the need for the hour is ‘all sections of the society will have to make collective efforts together to overcome this crisis.’ He expressed this in his address on the fifth and last day of the lecture series, “Hum Jitenge - Positivity Unlimited.” Further, he said that if everyone works together as a team, we can move ahead at a much faster pace due to this collective effort. This is the time when we need to forget all our differences, and we have to work together. After the first wave of Corona, we were caught off guard, and now there is talk of a third wave being in the offing. All this had a profound impact on the economy, employment, education, etc. There may be a further impact on the economy in the coming days, so we have to prepare for it from now onwards. There is no need to panic because of such discussions as these are future challenges, and this would help us prepare in time to meet the challenges that we are likely to face.”
He also set forth that we should engage in service work with patience and discipline while keeping ourselves alert, active, and healthy. Efforts should be made to make beds, oxygen, etc., available to the patients of Corona in hospitals. People can assist and support organizations engaged in service work. People should care about the families around them who are facing economic difficulties.
“Do not sit idle at home, learn something new, increase communication and dialogues within the family,” he implored and also to consistently remember the lines –
“Success is not final; Failure is not fatal.
The courage to continue is the only thing that matters.”
Dr. Bhagwat summed up by articulating “Bharat is an ancient Nation and has overcome many crises in the past. This time also we will win. For this, we have to keep the Corona out of our body while our mind should be full of positivity. In such a challenging situation, one shouldn’t despair but rather resolve to fight and win this battle. Humanity has overcome many such obstructions in the past and has kept on moving ahead, and it would continue to do so”.
Conclusion : The full lectures were broadcast and relayed to people across the country and the world through a string of over 100 news portals and many important media platforms to enhance the reach and bring about positivity. The Doordarshan National and Sudarshan News also broadcasted the 5-Day lecture series.