Again with the pandemic

Bretina Rajkumari
Here, we are again, in ‘uncertainty of this pandemic’! We are again back behind the walls of our houses with the same fear and uneasiness. We  wanted this  situation  to be  sorted  out  soon, but  it  is getting  longer. I  feel  terribly  sad  hearing  this  news  but  we  can’t  help it,  so  we  have  to  accept  it with  a  heavy heart of  people  dying  more and  more. I  feel  even  more  terrible  just  to  imagine  that  I  have  to spend  more  time  inside  my  home  again. Those  lovely  days  are  gone and I wanted  more  fun  to recover  from  the  hangover  of  the  previous lockdown  but  here  we  go again.
For the previous year, we struggled a lot to get through everything. But this year too is going to be really hard again, I guess. It’s funny how it almost looks like we’re in the ‘Apocalypse’ movie. I feel sad for those who lost their lives during this time but sadly it can’t be helped. Humans are definitely meant to leave this world someday. Those who are left, need to move on in their lives. In that way, we are meant to build our strength which is not easy but we need to keep trying.
I’m just so overwhelmed with emotions that I don’t know what to write about. I heard that during the lockdown there were some positive impacts on the environment since all our actions suddenly stopped for a while. So, I searched it up and there were quite a few pieces of information about it. The air pollution has been reduced and the temperature of some areas has been lessened. I was quite in a state of euphoria. I was really happy that it helped even by a bit. When we were shattered by the pandemic and made to stay indoors, I guess nature was taking up the chance to finally take a deep breath.
From this, I came to realise that our environment was in need of a break from all the chaos of this world. If we keep cutting a young tree by its stem as it grows back every time, it will never be able to become a full-grown tree. Just like that, nature will always heal itself steadily from time to time. It’s just that we didn’t give it a break and kept cutting it off its stem as it started to heal. But I believe that we wouldn’t let it degrade anymore by working together and understanding the consequences.
I was also wondering what would happen to our studies if this keeps going on. As a student, I’m a bit scared that we have to depend only on electrical gadgets as there is no other way to keep in touch with the world. I’m afraid our eyes and physical condition might get worse if we keep on like this. Moreover, without school, a student’s life is meaningless. And as I said before, we also get distracted easily by other things which are absolutely not good for us. At this crucial time, if we don’t focus enough then there might be very bad disadvantages for us.
 Lastly, I want to say that it is now up to us what to do and what not to do. I think we have some idea about the consequences so we should be able to think wisely and do the right thing at a time like this. And not to forget, taking care of our health both mentally and physically by following the measures when we go out to prevent any inconvenience. Earlier, I was complaining about staying at home the whole day but it’s a must to stay at home even if we’re sick of it. So, what new things are you trying out in this lockdown - maybe something like gardening/dancing/learning zumba/yoga/cooking? Email me today and share with me what you are up to.
Stay indoors. Stay happy. Stay positive. Stay Safe!
This writer is class 9 student at UNACCO Meitram, She can be reached at [email protected]