Like Covid, smiles are infectious too

Dr Sumedha Kushwaha
Human  beings  have  an  eternal  ‘Temperament  Thermometer’ inbuilt in  them. We  have  a  natural  tendency of  picking up vibes and moods of  people  around us. Notice, how  when  someone  tells  you  about  a  sad incident that  happened to them, you also get a little low. In  reality, the incident  hasn’t even  happened  to  you  but  when  they  tell  you  about it, you  seem  to live it  along with  them   too. And  then  see  how  you  start feeling unhappy for  another  couple  of  hours. Irrespective  of  the  fact that  whatever  good  happened  to you, you  still  become  a  witness  to that  scene  mentally and  emotionally.
The good part is that happiness also flows eternally in the same manner. So, the question is, when we can feel bad- why don’t we invest our energy in being happy with other people? Why can’t we become happier in other people’s success and joy? Wouldn’t it be a good way to celebrate life in a grander way? If other people’s joy could bring us happiness, isn’t it a more meaningful way to live?
Notice how when someone around you is happy and positive, a smile gently breezes on your face too. Smiles are infectious. Unless, your luck is so bad that you have encountered a grumpy aunt who is unnecessarily unhappy with everyone and everything. Smiles work better than any painkiller, any opioid, any tranquillizer- it puts you instantly at peace and brings hope and serenity.
You don’t need to rule the kingdom of reasons for why you need to smile. You know what? A simple smile is the happiness you find right under your nose. And a smile doesn’t always stand for a perfect life. When things are difficult, a simple smile by faith can change around situations. Only fools wait to smile until they feel better while a smile can already make you feel better. The peace that beings crave to conquer as a trophy, it begins with a smile. I might sound like a hypocrite but, a smile does look good with teeth, so enjoy it while you have all of them. It takes nothing to give a big smile. And people seldom notice old clothes if you wear a big fat smile. 
Sometimes when people are angry with each other for long, they defy all norms and behave mean- and years after when they meet- its no more than a simple smile that sets things back in order. Sometimes, when lovers tell lies to each other- a smile seals back the trust with confessions. Smiles reinforce the fact that you are there for someone. Those shy and sly smiles tell how special that someone is to you. If making people special and feeling happy was that simple - why are we such misers in spreading happiness? I wish that by using a few muscles around lips to smile, we could solve major challenges that threaten the world.   
The person to whom we smile the least is - ourselves. Very rarely we look into the mirror and smile at ourselves. Swear, the mirror reflects back that effort back a bit wider! Being happy with your own self is an art that you can master with some kind deeds here and there, a bit of charity and a little effort of making people happier around you. The moment you wake up in the morning and go to the bathroom and you are struck by your own reflection that might look haywire and ugly- smile at that individual and tell him/her how beautiful and perfect you are. You are the finest creation of god. Every part of your smile, those crooked teeth, that deviated nose, those cracked lips, even that pimple- everything is perfect. Assure yourself everyday, without fail. The heart is a simple fellow inside the body- it does become happy with big and bold things. But it becomes happier with simple, humble, kind gestures impregnated with hope and trust in the goodness of human beings.   
Wanna know what makes me smile? Uncertainty, a sigh with a smile not knowing if things would even work. A smile that sums up curiosity, uncertainty, longing and everything, a bridge that submits the will to God after grinding the most you could. A sigh with a long smile kills all my expectations but feels content with every try I hunted.
Last but not the least be grateful for things and people who try to make you smile a little harder and laugh a bit louder. Beautiful memories of these incidents have the power to change hearts and personalities. Smiles bridge kilometers of distances between people and makes them feel home even without having met. Set your heart free. Look at the positive side and tell me what makes you smile!
The writer can be reached at [email protected]