Running University without VC

Free Thinker
If we can run a University that too a Central University without a regular Vice Chancellor for more than 3 years is a great achievement. The whole academic world in the country must have started doing research whether it is really workable .If it is feasible then why should we spend on the salary facilities, amenities  and other expenses of the VCs. All the VCs may be asked to take rest. Then the country will be saving a lot of money.
In this critical pandemic time we will be saving a good amount of money if we retire all the VCs . As a matter of fact we will be saving hundreds of crores of rupees by doing away with the post of VCs. For this we simply need to amend the Acts & Rules of the Universities. The senior most Prof may be made the administrative head of the University. Then he/she will be performing the administrative duties along with teaching.
Likewise the post of Registrar may also be positively manipulated. A middle ranking Prof or an Associate Prof may be asked to function as Registrar. Again he/she is supposed to do the teaching as well as the administrative duties. For this job, the willing Professors or Associate Professors may be enlisted and do the selection by lottery.
If an administrator can run a University without a regular VC then the post itself seems to be not indispensable. Judiciary or some competent authority may appoint anybody as administrator to rule a University. As a matter of fact running a university is not a big deal and it is not as difficult as running a country or a State. If you have a VC in- charge or an administrator or the senior most  Prof as acting  VC, what is the problem.
However, one Prof told me that there are many things which are supposed to be done only by a regular Vice Chancellor ; even the Chancellor can't perform the duties of a VC as per the Act. The Chancellor has a very limited role to play ; only  to conduct the Court and investiture or award the degrees. Until and unless the law ( University Act ) and rules are amended the University can't function properly and smoothly without a regular VC. For instance recruitment of the faculty members can only be done with the endorsement of a de jure Vice Chancellor.
Sometimes we feel that we are more comfortable with ad-hoc arrangements . This attitude of ad-hocism is visible almost everywhere. We don't know why such a phenomenon has become so prominent and popular. Is it because it provides ample opportunities for manipulation and  manoeuvring space? Even the revered judiciary is giving pronouncements in favour of temporary arrangement. Though the country is famous for juggad management or technology we need to be firm and steadfast in matters like health & education. Ad-hocism must not be encouraged here. Our future stakes are inbuilt in the proper functioning of our academic institutions.
Almost all the students organisations of the State are making a desperate request to the concerned authorities for the appointment of a regular Vice Chancellor for  Manipur  University. They have sent their representations to almost everywhere; perhaps they have missed the PMO. If they have not sent their representation to the Hon Prime Minister they must do so urgently. Moreover, unofficial request to Nagpur may also help; sometimes Cultural Organizations and NGOs can play a crucial role to do the needful. If no one is listening or busy dealing with the pandemic who will listen to the genuine and rightful demand of our students? It is my earnest request to all the student bodies including AMMSO & ATSUM to write to the Pradhanmantri to expedite the matter at the earliest. Perhaps the court hurdles are also over now. So it is the right time to press the right buttons in our interest.
Once upon a time, Manipur University was one among the top sixty Universities of the country. And it was the second best in the region. Honestly the faculty members of the University are comparable with the best available in the country. Believe me, still, we can do better if things are managed properly. We want our university to be one of the best in the country. You can do it ladies & gentlemen(respected faculties).
Let our youths learn from the Universities and not from adversities; if they are compelled to learn from adversities there will be more casualties . Here, let me quote  Mark Twain , “Every time you stop a school,  you will have to build a jail ".
It is high time to appoint a regular Vice Chancellor for the smooth functioning of the University. There is no question of insider or outsider. Only thing that matters is – everybody wants a  VC who is relatively clean, sincere and an academician having a genuine interest in research, higher studies and imparting quality education. The most deserving candidate ought to be – the one who takes less interest in earning and more interest in learning.