After Rain

M Minakshi Devi
Drought turns the crumbling crust into sterile ground.
Thirsty cracks on Mother earth's parched mouth
Seeks drops of water to quench her thirst.
Trying to fly to the clouds,dusty dreams call for the wind.
Dry particles soar to the sky with pleas for the rain.
As luck would have it, the hearts of the clouds are soft
They embraces these sad grains of dust
And the sky finally blessed the Earth's crispy lip.
With tenderly drops of rainy kisses.
During this passionate rendezvous,
A sweet intoxicating perfume spills over the arid ground.
Petrichor fills the air with a scent of love.
Then,for one breath of eternity time unbind,
Like the flowers that surrender to the storm,
Falls on the asphalt lanes,lie like fallen autumn remains.
Down on my bended knees I wish to gather them all,
That exhilarated my vitalized soul all the more.
The traces of petrichor hugs the willowed flowers like gentle mist,
And delicately caresses the Earth with a gentle whisper-
Blossom Again.