Maharishi Narada : The first journalist

Dr S Kulachandra Singh
Today, the 28th May, 2021 is the Narad Jayanthi. We observe the day as the birth anniversary of Devarishi Narad (Narad Muni). Narad Muni was son of Lord Brahma, the creator. The word 'Nara ' means a man and 'Da ' means a giver. Thus Narada means the one who gives knowledge to mankind. He was a sage of a kind. He wondered places facilitating the good of the world, guiding the perplexed, engaged in helping the pious in times of challenge and danger. He devised plans for protecting the righteous and punishing the wicked.
He is one of the Prajapatis. He is one of the great seven Rishis. In the present context we are celebrating Narad Jayanthi because in the film world and secular discourses he is portrayed as a negative character and also as a war monger. Many continue to raise their eyebrows on hearing about Narad Jayanthi. The fact is that Narad was a philosopher, a law maker and a communicator par excellence. He communicated with a sacred mission. It was  a  triump of truth and dharma. Narad Muni is the precursor of modern day journalism and mass communicator. So it is also called Patrakar Divas. It is celebrated across the country.
In the Vedic age, Narad has been described in the old text as having traversed across the different worlds and realms ferrying and sharing his repository of information with its inhabitants. Naradsmriti, a well known ancient text which also serves as an aggregation of social mores and rules of conduct, has been credited to the sage.
In the Bhagavata Purana, Narad was described as a primary source of information among Gods. Afterall Narad was a divine messenger. He was constantly wondering around in all three worlds and gave information to all, the Devas, the Rakshas and the men. After all Maharishi Narad is known as a 'Walking Monk.'
Narad Muni was a great writer. Narada Smruthi dealt with governance and law in detail. The Bhakti Sutra of Narad is one of the wonderful books on devotion and has no parallel. It is a very ancient and authoritative scripture.
Narad was a first -order celestial musician. He was  a great devotee of Lord Vishnu (Narayana ). He was well versed in Vedas and Upanishads.  He had an extraordinary proficiency in Samaveda which is dedicated to music. He knew the art of articulating each syllable and was also well versed in semantics. He also knew the precise use of each word.
The writer is Kendra Pramukh, Vishwa Samvad Kendra, Manipur