The safer side of love

Birkarnelzelzit Thiyam
She parked her scooty outside the small restaurant, stormed inside towards him and asked him “Do you miss me even a bit”? The boy remained silent. The girl was already angry and now perplexed too, thinking - does he really think of me while I am not around him?  The boy looked into her eyes - in his mind - her big eyes looked to him like two dollops of vanilla ice cream. He smiled at her pink dress, manicured nails and that confused look on her face – everything looked pretty. She was fighting but he could hear violins in the background.
And those eyes looked so beautiful with mascara, kajal and eyeliner- questioning and trying so hard to find out the answer. He asked her-“What happened”? She said-“I can’t think of anything, but “you”. Days go by, sometimes we meet, often times we don’t, but I can’t stop thinking about you. You are with me all the time”. The boy said-Oh! Severe case of hallucination. I guess we should take you to a doctor. The girl was fuming now. She couldn’t appreciate that bad joke and said-I will never ever ask you anything. It seems you don’t love me at all. She banged her hand on that rusty table, picked her keys, started her bike and went off. The boy laughed and tried to stop her. But she had gone. The boy thought to himself- I love her so much. They fought at night over the phone. And she then asked him again - “Do you even love me?” The boy kept silent for a while and then replied – How does it matter if I love you or not. Why does it matter to you if I miss you or not ? Why do you think I will run away with another female ? Why do you want to put a name to this ? Love is the most beautiful feeling in this world. Relationships between people can have a name but can be totally devoid of feelings. And sometimes even if two people haven’t even met ever, can also love each other so much.
Love is a feeling beyond society, religion, caste, age and gender. Love just happens. Anywhere with anyone. It doesn’t require a justification of right or wrong. And as for me-I don’t miss you because you are me and I am you. My existence is incomplete without you. Now is that love or what, I don’t know. The girl kept quiet and smiled to herself. They changed the topic, he made her laugh making fun of people, cracking silly jokes, telling her about his crazy plans and then humming to her a song she loved. They slept peacefully. Next morning, the girl and the boy were both very happy in their respective houses. Something had changed between them. A sense of calm appeared in their love which was very soothing. While the girl now didn’t fear losing him, the boy also knew he could reach for the stars with someone always supporting him. They worked better, their sense of humor improved and also they did not have an excessive need to seek validation from anyone about their love. It was, as if, a crack was filled by molten gold.
The imperfection between them was now pricelessly and perfectly sealed. Love is probably the most wonderful feeling. Some people call it a chemical high produced in the brain due to release of hormones, which is technically true. But it is wonderful to have someone in your life that can fill those voids magically. People who matter to us, their presence is enough to lighten up the environment; for them, we want to become better human beings; with them, all adversity looks like an opportunity. And yes, that moment when you confess that feeling- that is the most special moment.
Life is short, take out time from your busy lives-to appreciate people whom you love the most. A cup of tea in the morning together, reading a book together, a long walk together in the evening, preparing food that he/she likes, going for a trek, watching Netflix, gazing at the stars together, dreaming together towards a wonderful future. These are priceless moments. Being with each other when times are hard, motivating each other to do better, understanding what the other person feels or just letting someone know that no matter what you are there for him or her. These things don’t cost you a cent, but it just seals your bonds with people forever.
Love has shades. Choose yours. Don’t be a miser in loving someone. Express it in words, letters, kisses, gifts, conversations, messages, food, books, company, cup of coffee, a song. Don’t keep it inside you, it is safer and better with someone you love the most.
The writer is an International Awardee and also a major in International Business Marketing from Algonquin College, Ottawa, Canada. He can be reached at [email protected]