Listen to parents and do what you think is right

Bretina Rajkumari
Exams are finally over and we are going to start exploring new things which interest us. I want to try my hand at writing to learn and hone my writing skills. It has never been easy for us to get whatever we wish for. There are various types of people in this world, each one unique with different characteristics and fortune. Someone maybe fortunate enough and someone may be not.
Not everybody is a winner in life but I would like to be a winner to myself. I want to tell myself that even if I don’t completely succeed I would hold on till the end-doing the things that I’m good at and what I like. Also I’m absolutely not preparing for a losing game but encouraging myself to find what I really want to do. And as for my goal, I can study extremely hard and become someone highly qualified but, my main goal is to find my true self .                         For now, someone like me what I am primarily required to do is STUDY. Adding to that, a student has to find his or her interests, confidence and positivity as well. These things are not often taught at school. What is the important thing about being a student ? Nowadays the thing about being a student is getting more marks than other students and most importantly being number one. Wishing to be number one is normal for everyone. But it seems like parents are more desperate than their children for such accolades. We know this situation is everywhere as this is a competitive world. I’m not saying that every parent is like that. Our parents love us; want us to be successful to be able to stand on our feet and become self-sufficient.
Our parents are not wrong, but I just don’t want them to give intense pressure to their children. There are different types of students and probably everyone needs a different method to understand and study. It is okay to scold but instead of continuously scolding children, parents should try to understand a child’s side of the story as well. They should be friends, companions and advisors to children. Parents should trust their children more than anyone else. They should help them to love themselves and to have self-esteem. We also should trust and listen to our parents.
I don’t know what to say in particular but I do have a suggestion. Parents should keep their children busy with activities that are related to learning and needed in life to make them understand the value of knowledge. I think they should interact with their child more often, play with them, and most importantly have fun with them so that they are not swayed towards undesirable habits. They should help them view studying as very important and a fun thing to do in life. Pressuring children is rather pushing them to the brink of depression.  Parents should focus on holistic development. They should let children know about the different types of people they will meet in the journey through life. In every bad situation of their child, they should encourage and advise rather than scolding and insulting them. They should tell their child to do what they think is right. These are my viewpoints. If you think you understood what my point is then do you agree with me ? Feedbacks are appreciated!
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