Maintain SOP at vaccination centres: SUK

Rules and regulations and Covid appropriate SOP should be strictly observed at vaccination sites, otherwise it may become a hotspot of infection.
Students' Union of Kangleipak (SUK) said this in a statement issued today and added people should maintained social distancing to ensure overcrowding and the doctors, nurses and staff at vaccination sites should also ensure strict observation of such SOP as mandated by relevant authority.
SUK appealed the Government to ensure that such SOP are observed and if lack of staff is preventing strict implementation of rules and regulations, SUK volunteers are prepared to dedicate their time and effort as volunteers for the same for the welfare of the public.
The statement also urged staff of vaccination sites to treat everyone equally without any distinction on ground of financial status so that everyone can be vaccinated at the earliest and help in combating the 'second wave' of the pandemic.
SUK  also said no additional charge on vaccination above the rate fixed by the Government should be charged by vaccination centres. The pandemic has had drastic impact upon everyone with everything brought to a standstill and additional charge for vaccination will add more problem to the already suffering public.