The past memory

Dr Ranbir Laishram
Every monk says the past is gone,
Don't dwell on it.
But the fact is...
The past is within you, deep rooted inside  you,
Your inner self ,Your outer self.
You can't ignore it, you can't sever it.

For deep inside you it dwells,
In your library shelf, in the corner of your room.
None can unlock it
But you can retrieve it, revisit it,
Either enjoy or torment yourself.
The way you handle it makes you or break you.
Reminisce the happy moments,
Enjoy at your heart's content .
But none does it ,you see.

It is human nature
To relive the sad moments for
They are easiest to retrieve.
The painful past moments
Will surface in your conscious mind,
Again and again, as if
They had happened yesterday.
Racking your gut till you can't sleep anymore.

Ultimately as you age,
As you learn to disregard and displace,
With courage, you learn to ignore,
And never lose yourself in them.
The past is in the past.
If it doesn’t serve you well,
Then acknowledge that and move on.
For change is the constant law of life.