Chance is never last, it is always second last

Dr Sumedha Kushwaha
It’s never a last chance, chance is always second last- quoting this from a scene in a movie which I was watching last week. This dialogue made so much sense to me and kept ringing in my head.  If you look at life from this perspective, there would be no reason to fret and worry, because it gives you ample and umpteen number of chances. Chances are the likelihood or odds of something happening in accord with your desires. The problem is that chances are innumerable but our desires aren’t very clear and strong.
Observe how when you attempt something for the first time, your mind is a clean slate, you perform without pressure, the territory is unknown and there are no standards set, the rules of the game are defined by you and for you, you just dive in without the thought of surviving or dying. It’s because the actions are taken without bias and expectations involved that you actually perform better and small wins’ trigger events in your favor serendipitously. The world judges this as “You just got lucky”! Luck is another word for a chance that turned out to be favorable. The question is if you had a bad chance or bad luck or a past incident not very flattering, do you have the courage to give yourself another chance?
‘Choices’ ring your bell as it mostly ‘Gongs’ with relative passes. Hardly anyone choose something they never had any forms of experiences with. So, a bad memory will always drive your relative choices crazily.
If something hard hit you in the past making it hard to summon the strength to go down the same path again in the fear of ‘what ifs,’ trust me - I am your friend. I am a person made by my second choice. So, I changed my first choice ? Nope - I choose to stick with my first choice. It’s hard. So, the second chance in life is to choose not to give up the first choice. It’s like the second life begins when you realize you only have one. Life will give up endless chances but if you are strong enough to stick with your choice, that’s when you will grow.
At the end of the day, it is about getting up after life knocks you down. When the chances of survival are zero again and you emerge from the grounds transmuting that pain, anger, guilt into a passion, a strength mightier than ever before.
 The beauty is in making the will to win an overpowering emotion each time you fail. If thoughts were the language of the mind and the feelings the language of the body-then your communion with the universal intelligence and the plausibility of future events happens in synchronicity of both thoughts and emotions.
All you have in life are these chances, don’t miss them-because if you do, you miss on life itself. And each chance is big enough that it’s an entire lifetime in itself to live and as small as a moment to cherish. Every opportunity is a full existence in itself that can push you towards survival. Make the best of every moment. Never lose hope because–chance is never last, it’s always second last.