MSCW urges

IMPHAL, May 3 : The Manipur State Commission for Women (MSCW) has appealed to the State Government to arrange a facility especially for child delivery and related cases in all the districts of Manipur.
In a statement, chairperson of MSCW Binota Meinam said that the COVID-19 outbreak has placed unprecedented demand 'on our health care system' and health facilities are inundated by a plethora of activities for controlling the pandemic.
Saying that pregnant women easily contract the virus as they frequent hospitals for antenatal check-ups and deliveries, she added that arrangements should be made for pregnant women to deliver babies in hospitals/centres even if they are undergoing treatment.
Post deliveries arrangement and guidelines should also be set up as transmission of coronavirus through breast milk from a mother is also high, Binota mentioned. Further urging the State Government to provide medical attention to pregnant women during the pandemic, Binota also prayed for an arrangement of centres for child delivery and centres for Covid infected pregnant women in all the districts of Manipur.