Mt Koubru issue Take measures to stop encroachment : Liangmai organisations

Newmai News Network
IMPHAL, May 3: Liangmai organisations have urged the State Government to take up necessary actions to protect and preserve the rich flora and fauna of Koubru Hills and also take measures to stop "illegal encroachment or settlement" on it.
Liangmai Naga Council, Eastern Zone (LNC-EZ), Eastern Liangmai Chief Chairman Association (ELCCA) and Ahangruak Chief Chairman Association (ACCA) have, in a joint press release on Monday, said that "the Liangmai Naga community appreciates and welcomes the decision of the State Government to set up the proposed sacred site for Koubo Ra (Lord of Koubru) and Lai Pukhri on Koubru Hills by the Department of Art & Culture, under Section (1) of Section 4 of Manipur Ancient & Historical Monuments and Archaeological site & Remains Act, 1976".
They, however, "outrightly  rejected and nullified the so called agreement signed by the Committee on Protection and Preservation of Mt Koubru in the presence of Ministers  on April 20, 2021 on Mt Koubru impasse".
The "Liangmai Naga community is the rightful owner of the Koubru Hill Range and their settlement dates back to more than  thousand (1000) years", said the statement, adding that the entire Koubru Hill Range is sacred to the Liangmai Naga people not only because  it forms a part of their  ancestral lands but their ancestors  also held the Koubru mountain as a sacred  and much revered  place.
 The Liangmai organisations then said that the history and culture of the  Liangmai Naga  community are deeply connected with the  Koubru Hills. They added that the rich folklores and legends of the Liangmais are incomplete without the Lord of Koubru.
The organisations also urged all to refrain from giving provocative statements on communal tones in public domain.
The Liangmai Naga organisations then appealed to all the civil society organisations to stop making unfounded and baseless claims over Koubru Hills.
They also appealed to the civil society organisations to desist from  erecting stones, putting notice boards.
Saying that writing "cooked up and distorted narratives" cannot make anyone landowners or gain the indigenous status of Manipur,  the Liangmai Naga organisations said that the Government of Manipur should not become a laughing stock in front of the world for failing  to protect its own indigenous people.
In order to avoid such embarrassment, the State Government should not only stop the influx of illegal immigrants from Myanmar but also  protect and safeguard the indigenous people and their lands, they further said, adding, "Check rapid expansion of illegal hamlets and villages at the foothills of Koubru".