Turning containment zone to gambling den Tin thakaga train chingthaba

Obvious that the statistics do not scare them. Obvious that the spirit behind the decision to declare areas under Greater Imphal as a containment zone has blown over their head. To many, the daily increase in the number of positive cases and the number of deaths are not much more than mere statistics and this is what is difficult to accept. In the process, it is this ‘devil may care’ which can become a sort of a super spreader. Just imagine the situation-Four/five/six ‘bravehearts’ gather to play a game of Flash and Tin Thakaga Train Chingthaba and presto the perfect situation has been created to pass on the virus, that is if anyone of them is asymptomatic-and this is what is happening right now in some localities of Imphal, if the report ‘Gamblers find time and space in containment zone’ which appeared on the May 4 issue of The Sangai Express is anything to go by. That such a potentially dangerous past time is being indulged in by some elements when the call of the Government and all concerned has been to maintain social distancing and avoid large crowd and one can imagine how well the words of caution have been taken in by some section of the people. The natural question is whether these elements want another round of lockdown and remember this is a possibility that cannot be written off at all, especially with the Supreme Court of India suggesting that State Governments and the Centre may consider imposing yet another lockdown. Containment zone, this is the term used by the State Government to restrict the movement of people and this can be the first step towards a total lockdown and given the way some elements have been responding to the call of the Government, a total lockdown may just be what they are asking for.
The situation is more than disturbing, it is frightening. With no one knowing how exactly the mutant strain of the virus behaves anything can happen and when there is shortage of everything, from medical oxygen to ICU beds to vaccines, it is all that more important for the people to take heed of the potential danger posed by the new strain of the virus. With over 2000 active cases, it should be clear to all that the health system is under severe strain and remember the hospitals and doctors and nurses are there not only to treat and look after the Covid infected patients but also others with any ailment. It is such irresponsible behaviour that should not be condoned. This is where the Government would need to reach out to the local clubs of each and every locality and seek their co-operation to bring such activities under check. It is also important for everyone to come to the realisation that the four hour window period given every morning from 6 to 10 is to let the people procure their basic necessities and not the time to needlessly crowd the shops and markets. Enough has been said on how it is the responsibility of everyone to keep the spread of the virus under check and the only way to do this is to stick to the SOPs laid down by the Government. This should not be such a hard thing to follow. Time people wake up to the immense responsibility that lies ahead.