I Can't Breathe !

Dr Ranbir Laishram
I can't breathe!
It began with mother Nature,
The ocean,the woods, the air, the Earth,
The multitude in metropolis,
Only one voice, the same words:
"I can't breathe"
The elixir of life
No longer secure.

I can't breathe!
Also the last word of George Floyd;
Whose voice has left millions,
Deeply pained and saddened ;
And reverberated across the world,
The brutal reflection of mankind.

I can't breathe!
Whispered again and again by millions,
In homes and outside hospitals,
As the doomed patients' struggle to breathe,
Deprived of life-saving oxygen.

The truth remains -
People are dying in front of us.
When people die due to wrong policy decisions,
Is it not our patriotic duty  to point it out,
to fight and resist it,
to force change ?
Who is responsible?
The real question is -
When  all the trees  are cut down,
when all the animals are hunted,
when  all the water resources are befouled,
when  the air is perilous to breathe,
Can we eat money and Gold ?