Soibam Ekendra
We are each of us stronger than we think
Your stoicism encouraged me
Brought to a state of stoics
Changed the direction frequently
Could make a society of self
That related me to another planet
Then ought to be an orphan
No one were for You
Have any success without sacrifice; Sincere.
You brought me in this beautiful world
Spending my bright time with you
But couldn’t see me in your life
You spent your whole world with the Darkness
Neglected by the beautiful day beams
You kept all the things of mine in the right place
You left me alone without any......
But cannot forget what my life with You
Giving strength by your words unforgettable
Encouraged me in this challenging world
You guided me in the right path of
Yes, me-proud to be the son of a blind father
I quote you made to remember
“Manipur is not Brazil in football”
Till to-day You are my God
My unseen Soul with me
You are the only one my “BAJI”.