When life does not make sense !

Thangminlun Haokip
Out of nowhere, life begins! Into nowhere, would life end ! This is the mystery of life itself. At some point of time, life seems so meaningless and pointless, as if  we’re falling into a deep abyss of the unknown world- where nothing really matters with no sign of light and all looks dark and dull, filled with the light of darkness. Where one is chained in one’s own perception in judging what the society thinks- looking at a glass which is half-empty, rather than one that is half-full. This perception- our way of looking and responding to the consequences according to our own wrong notion changes our outlooks in seeing the world and the people around us; which only forces and  chain ourselves in dictating us to live in a way of this so called “half-empty glass” perception world.
Amidst the second wave of the global pandemic, tens of thousands of people are facing an immeasurable and unimaginable loss of life and hardships in all spheres of life. In times of such crisis as now, people’s lives does not really seem meaningful and precious for some; for many they are just numbers and nothing more. This is the sad-reality of our present day generation scenario. How many lives has been taken by this pandemic so far ? How many patient and family have to suffer and mourn more because of this merciless disease and moreover because of the negligence, ill-fate, lack of governance and irresponsible leaders ? It is sad but helpless to see that we’re walking into an era where life is nothing more than a misery for the majority.  The pain seen and felt in the hearts of the people on seeing the loss or demise of a very-valued and treasured being, is saddening and heart breaking.  
At some point of life, there will come a time when life does not make any sense at all, where all hopes are shattered into hundred million pieces. Time will come when you question yourself against your purpose of existence. What on earth am I here for ? What is my purpose of living ? How should I live to fulfil my purpose of being here on earth ? The answer to these questions are found not in the deepest oceans nor above the endless spaces of this endless universe. The answer lies within those who seek then realise the purpose and the sole meaning of this life.
Albeit, life goes on, and it will always do. This is the universal truth. It is the law of nature. Our most soulmate or companions may die today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. We may mourn and cry endlessly, but for how long should we cry for them ? Once gone from us, aren’t they leaving us for time unbound-forever ? Are we ignorant that we too shall die one day ? Never to come back and bid farewell to our loved ones ? Such is life. This ‘once-living’ life never reverses or repeats ! Once gone, is gone forever. This tells us how precious life is and how wonderful and blessed we are to have this most costly but priceless life.
Then the question and purpose of our life becomes obvious. The sole meaning of life is to serve humanity- to love and care for all during this short span of our life here in this temporary world. This ultimately leads to the fulfilment of our purpose of our long-lost life. So long as we live, let us never forget that our life here on earth is numbered with the passage of every second each day and love one another as we’ve got no second chance to love once our work and time is done.