2 held in CCpur’s fake driving license racket


2 held in CCpur’s fake dr
Our Correspondent
CCpur, Jun 10: Two individuals who are said to be involved in running a fake driving license racket in Churachandpur were arrested by the district police late last night, hours after one of the accused’s residence was searched by the police.
Ramkinlo Joute (56) and his accomplice Philem Ibungo Meitei (45) were arrested by the police along with a sizable number of fake driving licenses. While Ramkinlo Joute was the main suspect, the co-accused Ibungo was responsible for printing the fake documents, through a DTP shop he runs out of Zouveng junction, Tedim Road.
While exposing the racket, the Churachandpur police learnt that the duo had already issued the fake license to many people over the years. They have therefore advised those indivi- duals who have obtained the fake license from the two unscrupulous persons to approach the Churachandpur police and hand over the fake documents as it can land them in trouble.
‘Any person or customer duped by these two persons are highly advised to lodge a complaint to the police for cheating and fraud,’ said the police.
The police investigation also revealed that the customers are charged Rs 2000 for the fake driving license. Many people including those hailing from outside the State have reportedly fallen prey to the racket.