Many condemn Rengpang incident

Our Correspondent
NONEY , Jun 10: The Bharatiya Janata Party Shakti Kendra 22-Rengpang Segment, in a statement condemned the exchange of fire that took place between an unknown armed outfit and the Manipur Police Commando at around 4pm at a place near Rengpang-Monjarong Khunou village of Nungba Subdivision on June 9 where a commando personnel sustained injury in his abdomen.
The BJP Shakti Kendra 22-Rengpang Segment stated that it detests any form of violence which disturbs public peace and tranquillity in the area and appealed to any armed outfit(s) operating in the area and the security forces to restrain from any form of violent activities especially during this time of health crisis.
Further, the Village Authority members including several organisations in and around Nungba Subdivision strongly condemned the 'inappropriate act' of violence and reports of excessive power abuse by Manipur Police Commando personnel on the National Highway.
The CSOs and village authority urged both the parties involved in the unfortunate incident to act with utmost restraint.
They also appealed to the Government of Manipur, the Deputy General of Police in particular, to ensure and pursue peaceful dialogue over the unfortunate incident.
The Village Authority members and the CSOs of Nungba area further pledge their allegiance to work with the State Government in bringing lasting peace in the area.