Thoughts Random : In times of Corona second wave lll

Rajendra Kshetri
Good Morning Manipur,
You give any devilish name to Coronavirus Disease Twenty Nineteen and you will not be found incorrect. It has turned people's lives upside down. Transformed normal lives into a state of abnormality creating a culture of 'new normal'. It has completely wrecked the economies of the world. Created havoc in the international trade relations. It has deepened the degree of mistrust between the democratic and non-democratic countries. To top it all and make matters worst of the worst, C19 has not stopped killing people one after another, day after day. The worst pandemic ever in the history of mankind. More severe than even the Spanish flu, the 1918 influenza pandemic. Serial Killer of the third kind, this Corona is.
But is this all and everything that we can associate with Covid-19 ? What about some (positive) attributes that we can allude to this otherwise deadly virus ? For instance,  C19 has brought into sharp focus the difference between REEL HEROES and REAL HEROES. It has also brought into sharp focus the difference between POLITICAL DEALERS and POLITICAL LEADERS. Not to forget the difference between 'Government of the people by the people and for the people' and 'Government OFF the people BUY the people and FOOL the people '.
Again, if we look at from the environmental perspective, C19 has done more good than harm to the cause of environmentalism than all the combined efforts of UN, Governments, NGOs and Individuals put together. There is, for instance, less pollution, plastic and/or non-plastic, all around. Quality of air has considerably improved all over the world. Water becomes cleaner. Oceans, Seas, Lakes and Rivers become cleaner and more bluish. Wild animals and mammals feel less threatened and find themselves more space to move around freely. Birds and bees and butterflies are seen perching, chirping and singing more happily than ever before.
Covid-19 will be history one day. I wish that 'one day' comes sooner than expected. What would the post Covid-19 world be like ? How will we adapt our lives once the 'new normal ' becomes no longer new ? Would it bring any tangible changes in our behavioural traits/patterns and interactions among people ? Will it make us less social in our dealings with fellow human beings ? Will it lead us to be more hygienic in our personal/interpersonal and social life ? More of a more responsible citizens ? Will it make us more respectful of environment ?
What are the lessons to be learned in the post-Civil world ? We all must learn from Covid history so it doesn't repeat itself. Whether 'first as tragedy, second as farce ' as Marx puts it.  People have a tendency of not learning from history though as GB Shaw so famously and satirically put it "we learn from history that we learn nothing from history".
Thoughts random but recurring these are in times of Corona Pandemic. Pandemic times are also a time to note, read, reflect, search,  think, write  and visit/revisit your thoughts. So join me, dear friends:
20. A Tale of 2 Countries
The  second most populous country is hit hardest by the raging Second Wave of Covid-19. The most populous country is sitting cool and confident, hardly effected by the Second Wave as though the virus have not originated from its soil.
Where on earth have we go wrong !!! (5 May 2021).
21. BCCI must call off IPL immediately. Won't be surprised if SC stops all remaining matches, (3 May 2021).
22. When vaccines were available people were reluctant. When people are willing vaccines are not available. (3 May 2021).
23. Election IPL news in the middle of Covid Pandemic!! Didn't strike the right chord ,somehow. (3 May 2021).
24. Are Indian cricket idols/icons  less sensitive and less humane than their Australian counterparts ???(1 May 2021).
25. To Those Sitting in the Corridors of Power...
To Everyone Who Matters...
To Philanthropists in /of the State...
Please don't play with people's lives in the pretext of 'shortage of oxygen ' and shortage of beds. Please do whatever you can/could to SEE THAT MANIPUR HAS SUFFICIENT SUPPLY OF OXYGEN AND ENOUGH NUMBER OF BEDS in  hospitals/clinics/Covid Care Centers, in the days ahead.
Let the Day Not Come in Manipur when people have to run from pillar to post for Oxygen and Beds.
26. Politics of Oxygen or Oxygen of politics???
"Acute shortage of oxygen " at RIMS as per an Order dated 30 April 2021 issued by the Medical Superintendent (i/c)!!!
ORDER WITHDRAWN as per a Corrigendum dated 30 April 2021 issued by the Medical Superintendent (i/c).
In between the Order and the Corrigendum... and thereby hangs a tale, no ?? (30 April 2021).
27. Don't believe conspiracy theorists like Dr Vernon Coleman who is anti-vaccination activist whose " Medical Claims have been widely DISCREDITED and Described as PSEUDOSCIENTIFIC " (wikipedia).
Friends,  GO GET VACCINATED. By doing so, you are helping, in your humble way,  the country in its Fight Against Covid Second Wave. You are rendering yeoman's service to yourself and fellow human beings. Protecting/Saving yourself is a step closer to saving others.
#SaveYourself#SaveOthers (29 April 2021).
28. Name the country where cricket is more precious than human lives ?
No marks for the correct answer. (27 April 2021).
29. How many Oxygen Plants do we have in Manipur ? A common question from a common citizen in the larger interest of every citizen. (27 April 2021).
30. Pat Cummins, an Australian cricketer donates $50,000 to PM CARES Fund to help meet oxygen shortages. Indian cricketers, Virat Kohli, MS Dhoni and others are having a  ball playing IPL, oblivious of the National Crisis in the wake of Corona Second Wave. Not to be left behind, Bollywood biggies are vacationing at Maldives, flaunting their filthy wealth, showcasing tanned skins when fellow Indians are dying for want of oxygen and beds. Two sides of India. Idea of India ?(26 April 2021).
31. Why elections are not called off ? Why IPL is not called off ? When India is facing the severest National health crisis. (26 April 2021).
32. Biden's US is not the US of JFK. Biden and his deputy Harris didn't think twice to say NO to Modi's request. It is  another matter that Modi didn't think twice to say YES to Trump's request last year. Post JFK, US has no permanent friends. Nor enemies. ONLY PERMANENT INTEREST.
Lessons to learn: How and when to say NO to US of America. (25 April 2021).
33."Any man's death diminishes me,
Because I am involved in mankind,
And therefore never send to know for
whom the bell tolls
It tolls for thee".
Lines that should be in the minds of every PM, CM, President especially in times of Corona Second Wave.
#NoManIsAnIsland# (24 April 2021)..
34. Amidst the 2nd Wave sweeping through the world, a certain country is sitting cool, confident and contented.
Guess ? No marks for guessing right. (15 April 2021).
* Rajendra Kshetri is Professor of Sociology at Manipur University, Imphal. Author of several academic books, his non-fiction poetry book on River Nambul "Cry Of A Dying River " was recently published which has received critical reviews and comments.