Road to ruins

Lamabam Ayangba

Waking to all the frustration and expectations,
Feeling trapped in this cycle called life !
Like a rat racing but ending up in circles ?
We still find a way to survive !
Do you trust in our society, where leaders are stealing,
Paving way for corruption and greed !
Do you believe in the people who look away from dying children?

Killing our mother earth bit by bit without stopping !
Oh! you’re not so innocent yourselves !
Let us start by improving ourselves,
Doing that tiny bit for a better tomorrow,
For our children to not face all these sorrow !
Is this how it feels ?!
Walking the road to ruins ? !
Religion and education now a business.

Lives are nothing but numbers and figures !
Profit and fame is all that matters ?
Is this the legacy that remains ?
The one thing we all have forgotten- we are humans. Family and friends - now just a concept .
Of roles and responsibilities that you have.
But they’re the only ones that remain,
When in need and when it rains!
Unleash the emotions in your hearts!
As they deserve the truth and your love.

And for the one you call the love of your life,
Is it true  or just play pretend ?
Like couples on social media flaunting their glee ?
Like a shell, hard yet hollow inside ! ?
Be warned
Follow your heart and take a stand !
Is this what it feels ? !
On the road to ruins ? !
Family just a bond of common blood ? !
Make believe love and ‘side chicks’ ?
Hearts made just to pump blood ?
The only thing that makes us truly humans !