Infecting and killing at willScripting tragedy

The virus continues to script a tale of tragedy. Clearly the second wave of the pandemic has turned out to be a monster killer, killing at will, snatching lives from left, right, centre. Each bereaved family will have a tragic tale to recount, of how they were unable to go and comfort the sick and ailing, even as they watch life being slowly sucked out. Even after death, the pangs and sufferings of the family will know no bound, for the fact stands that family members, relatives, friends, well wishers, neighbours are not able to go and pay their last respect to the one who has just passed away. The Delta variant of the virus is clearly dangerous and if reports from the Public Health England is anything to go by then even the call to remain indoors not to contract the virus may come for a naught for this particular variant is know to transmit more in households. This should explain why many, if not all members, of a family get infected. More tragic is the tale of two brothers from Ukhrul district headquarters who fell victim to the virus one after the other, with just a day separating the death. The first one passed away on Thursday while being brought to Imphal from Ukhrul, while the younger brother, a journalist succumbed to the virus at Imphal on Saturday. Incidentally the journalist from Ukhrul is the third from the media fraternity to fall victim to the virus. The report  from the Public Health England underlines the veracity of an earlier report that wearing face masks will now be necessary even within one’s own house. There is no indication that the spread of the virus has slowed down and while Manipur reported a total  of 530 positive cases on June 13, the worrying point is the positivity rate which stands at 10.47 percent on this day. This is the highest positivity rate since June 7, when it stood at 11.99 percent.
The death count continues to be in double digit with Manipur yet again reporting the number of deaths at 15 on June 13. Slowly and gradually inching towards the four figure mark of 1000, with the total death tally now standing at 974. The spread of the disease, the positivity rate running into double digit and daily death count showing no sign of abating and clearly the fight against the virus seems set to be a long drawn out affair. Falls in line with the earlier predictions that the virus will now spread in the North Eastern region of the country. No magic formula on how to contain the virus and no effective medication. The best option left before the people is vaccination and sticking to the oft repeated lines of frequently washing one’s hand with soap and water, maintaining physical distancing and avoiding large crowds. Tragedy, this is what the virus is scripting across the length and breadth of the land and with no one knowing when the virus will be reined in, the best way left before the people is to avoid getting infected. Clearly the invisible enemy has taken a heavy toll.