Mami Taibang : A growing NE Media house from Manipur

Thingujam Bobby Singh
With the rapid advent and growth in multimedia technologies in Manipur, it’s only a matter of time that the traditional media industries are going to join the bandwagon. Amongst the big players of the online media industry in Manipur, Mami Taibang separates itself from the rest by constantly expanding their services to other non-conventional platforms.
Mami Taibang is a Manipur based private company, registered as “Mami Taibang Media And Entertainment Private Limited” under the Indian Companies Act 2013. With more than 800k subscribers, the verified Mami Taibang YouTube Channel is well on its way to hit 1 million subscribers by late next year. With the music video of “Pelle Eigi Thamoi” reaching more than 100K views in just 4 hours of upload, the channel became the first ever Manipuri YouTube Channel to amass that much views within just a couple of hours of upload. Mami Taibang is the first Manipuri YouTube channel to be featured in the YouTube trending page with their music videos of “Remake of ‘Nongdamba Nangi Kumheise’” being the first, and later followed by music videos of “Khanglamloi Eigi Meichak”, “Naya Nupa”, “Nangbu Yengjaba” and “Ukhidari Nangumba” etc. The Music Video of “Ukhidari Nangumba” was the first to stay in the YouTube trending page for more than 24 hours.
Apart from the 10 million plus monthly views in the YouTube Channel, Mami Taibang uses its influence from its Facebook and Instagram, with more than 50k followers each, for promotions and services. With their website,, Mami Taibang also hosts online movies ticket booking service and other digital marketing services.
Besides the YouTube Channel, fans can also stream high quality audios for free from the website or the Mami Taibang Music App which is available in the Google Android Playstore. Mami Taibang’s movie streaming app “Mami Taibang Movies” is the first and only Manipuri Movies Streaming App to be available on both the Google Play store and the Apple Appstore. Apart from the collection of Manipuri Movies, Sumang Lilas, Web Series and Documentaries, which users can stream or download, Mami Taibang Movies App had successfully hosted premieres of dozen movies, recently.
The recent surge in the popularity of Manipuri entertainment all over the country can be credited to the innovation of the New-Media houses like Mami Taibang. With YouTube Channels like Mami Taibang amassing crores of views and tractions from all over the world, the Manipuri entertainment industry had been able to increase their fanbase ten-fold.
And apart from the websites and apps, Mami Taibang also runs its own Music Label “Mami Taibang Music”. Under this label, it distributes Manipuri songs to all the international and National Music streaming services, including Spotify, Apple Music, JioSaavn, Gaana, Wynk Music and YouTube Music etc. And also Provide CRBT (Call Ring Back Tone) or caller tune to all the Major Indian Telecom operator like Jio and Airtel etc. Through it, users can stream and download their favorite Manipuri songs on their favorite Music streaming platforms at highest quality.
Mami Taibang not only supports the content producers by providing a new media platform, it promotes the undiscovered talents of the State, all the while providing entertainment programmes, with the inhouse productions like Mami Taibang Sheihek, Mami Taibang Top 5 (MT Top 5) and Mami Taibang Xtra Edition. By taking the example of Mami Taibang’s ventures, I urge the youths of the State to take advantage of the opportunities we all are constantly bombarded with to educate, inform and better ourselves. I urge you all to use all opportunities to take the leap of faith to your passions and risk being wrong in order to be innovative, risk failure for lessons, risk time and hard work for the much rewarding joy of success. I invite you all to dwell into inspiration not temptation. We owe it to our society and most importantly to our future selves.