Another world

Geetanjali Gautam

Hey me from another world
Is it joggers or ripped jeans you wear?
Do you have dreads or wavy hair like mine?
Do you prefer brown to colour red?

Is it coffee or hot tea?
Is it honey or sugar pure?
Is it omelet or boiled?

Hey me from another world
Do you smile whenever you write beauty on a
Do you smile at what the world brings like an admirer?
Or compile lists like an inquirer?

Is your voice same as mine or
have my imagination twine?
 For my thoughts shall redefine.
Do you sing along to the reverbed weekend or
do you dance like Michael for the trend?

Hey me from another world I do wonder if you are living well?
Do you draw your dreams out?
 Or do you ignore not caring what it's really about.?
I do wonder if you can hear me
So we could sit under the same tree and
Argue about Marvel and DC.

Should I draft out a letter?
Saying: To me!
Tho differences might slow the ree
Similarities is what we are after.

Hey me from another realm
I hope you feel my message
As I pen down our thoughts
Waiting for a passage
 To read letters in our storage.