Virus will be around for some time Ramp up vaccination drive

No one knows how long the pandemic will continue. More importantly no one knows what further mutation the virus will undergo and already alert has been sounded over the Delta Plus variant of the coronavirus which is reported to be much more contagious and deadly. To think that a deadlier mutated version of the coronavirus is out there in the open should be more than enough warning to the people to stick to the Covid Appropriate Behaviour all that more. And it is not such a hard thing to follow the appropriate  behaviour but judging by the number of people pulled up and fined for violating the guidelines, leaving the door wide open for the virus to enter and play havoc with the lives of the people, many are yet to come to terms with the understanding of the new normal. This is utter irresponsibility exposing the mentality of the people in all its ugliness. This is one of the reasons why so many people are still reluctant to get their vaccine shot and in the process making the situation all that more uncertain for everyone. Be very clear. The vaccines available right now may not offer hundred percent immunity, but studies conducted by independent media houses have shown that those who have received the vaccine are much less likely to need oxygen support. In other words, the infection generally does not take a critical turn if one is vaccinated and gets infected later. Even here, there have been studies which say that vaccination lessens the chances of getting infected considerably and if these studies are not enough incentives for the people to get their vaccine shots when their turn comes, then one is left wondering what more need to be spelt out to get them vaccinated. Manipur neither stands at the top bracket of the vaccination drive nor is it at the bottom level, but surely something more needs to be done to push up the vaccination process.
Tripura is reported to have achieved 100 percent vaccination for people in the 45 and above age category. In the North Eastern region of the country, Sikkim is up there at the top bracket with 65.08 percent of the eligible people having received their vaccination shots and so too Mizoram with 44.95 percent of the people vaccinated. Amongst the North Eastern States Manipur comes in at the fourth spot with 21.8 percent after Sikkim, Mizoram and Arunachal Pradesh where 37.41 percent of the eligible people have received their vaccination shots. Something more needs to be done to get the people come to the vaccination centres and this is where the Government of Manipur would need to think out of the box. The first step obviously is to deeply study the reasons for the hesitancy of the people to come and get their vaccination shots. Once factors are zeroed in then maybe the Government may start working to address the points which may be responsible for the people to not come for their vaccination shots. Apart from vaccination, it is of prime importance for the people to continue with the Covid Appropriate Behaviour and embrace the understanding of the new normal. The virus is not going to go anywhere fast and the sooner the people learn to adapt to the needed new lifestyle, the better it would be for everyone.