Self Love

Yanglem Arjun Singh

I crave to become the person
The love I’d keep choosing
Would want me to be.
I’d spend hours at the rooftop
Reading poems on people
Who live in glasshouses,
The ones that have long forgotten
The deeper shades of sunset.
I’d sing to myself
Outside the shower,
To see if I’m the first one
Smiling at the person I’m slowly becoming.

I’d wear my favourite yellow sweater
For the warmth we share.
I’d feel safe
Interlocking my own fingers,
Feeling all that I possibly could in one night
To later feel proud to have found comfort
In everything I’ll ever be.
I’d play with the tip of my toes
Every time I would try to wonder,
If this is what anxiety is
And if it were.

I’d roll over the sunroof
To look at the beginning of you and I,
The skies, the clouds, the stars
I’d stare deep into the moon’s eyes
And fall in love
With the city lights
That would keep me from losing myself
In people who reminded me
Of poetry that I would want to hide.
I’d open up to me
Like a flower so delicate
That I’ll handle it with care.
I’d learn to love
In colours and balls of fire
I have yet to explore
Where a single touch is all
That would bring me closer
To become
The love I’d keep choosing.