Mapping India’s Covid count, trends etc

 India’s COVID-19 case tally exceeded 2.84 crore with 1,34,154 new cases reported, as per the Health Ministry’s June 3 update. Daily new cases below 2 lakh for the seventh day in a row.
As many as 2,887 new deaths reported in the last 24 hours, new recoveries at 2,11,499 in the same period, the latest release showed. New deaths below 4,000 mark for eighth consecutive day.
More than 22.10 crore vaccinations have been administered across India, according to the June 3 update, with 24,26,265 new vaccinations.
Of the total vaccinations administered to date, 79 percent are recipients of their first dose while 21 percent have received the second dose. Among states, Maharashtra administered the most vaccine doses at 2.31 crore, followed by Uttar Pradesh at 1.90 crore and Gujarat at 1.75 crore.
India now has 17,34,154 active cases with a fall of 80,232 cases in 24 hours, as per the June 3 update.
Karnataka has the highest number of active cases at 2,93,045 in the country, followed by Tamil Nadu at 2,88,702 and Maharashtra at 2,18,844. These three States accounted for nearly 47 percent of active cases in the country.
Tamil Nadu reported the most new cases at 25,317 in the last 24 hours, followed by Kerala (19,661), Karnataka (16,387), Maharashtra (15,169) and Andhra Pradesh (12,768). These five States accounted for 67 percent of all the new cases reported in India.
Maharashtra also reported the most 553 new deaths, as per June 3 update, followed by Tamil Nadu (483), Karnataka (463), Kerala (213) and West Bengal (135). These five States accounted for 64 percent of all the new deaths reported across the country. Only Dadra and Nagar Haveli/Daman and Diu did not report any deaths today.
The total recoveries in India now stand over 2.63 crore with the recovery rate at 92.8 percent. Tamil Nadu recorded the most at 32,263 new recoveries, followed by Kerala (29,708), Maharashtra (29,270), Karnataka (21,199) and West Bengal (17,386).
Total COVID-19 deaths in India now stand at 3,37,989 as per June 3 update. The mortality rate is now at 1.2 percent with Punjab reporting the highest (2.6 percent). Over 21 lakh daily tests reported on June 2 with more than 35.37 crore tests carried out to date. Globally, more than 17.24 crore COVID-19 cases have been recorded to date with 37.06 lakh deaths. Over 1.34 crore active cases have been reported across the world as on date with the US accounting for the most (41 percent), followed by India (13 percent). MONEYCONTROL NEWS