Covid-19 pandemic and conditions of students in Manipur

Thangminlun Haokip
Contd from previous issue
It has brought families together to sit down together, and enjoy the wonder and comfort of their home and surrounding environment which for many was not possible before because of the tight daily work schedule, before the pandemic.
How does it affect the students of Manipur ?
How has the pandemic impacted on the young learners in our country, particularly Manipur ? The COVID -19 pandemic has affected the educational system worldwide, leading to the closure of schools, universities and colleges. The closure of these educational institutions not only interrupts the teaching for students; the closure also coincides with a key assessment period and many exams have been postponed or cancelled. The Board of Secondary Education Manipur and the Council of Higher Secondary Education Manipur had released a notification regarding the indefinite postponement of the exams for classes 10 and 12 respectively.
As a result of which many students have now lost interest. Internal assessment is perhaps thought to be less important and may have been cancelled. The lockdown of educational institutions is going to cause major (and likely unequal) interruption in students' learning; disruptions, internal assessments and the cancellation of public assessment for qualifications or their replacement by an inferior alternative. It has been estimated to affect around 600 million learners across the world- the school going students in particular.
The big question here is- What can be done to mitigate these negative impacts faced by the students in our State ?
Some exceptional students who have the will to learn might perhaps be aware of the valuable time the lockdown had provided to prepare themselves at home on their own, despite the numerous ill-effects and impact. But it hurts to see so many young students deprived of learning inside classrooms and experieincing school and college life.
For many who stay in the hills and far flung villages, online classes can never be the substitute and it is only a few family which can afford costly home tuition.
What needs to be done for the students ?
The State Government, particularly the Education Department should therefore look over the current challenging issues by acting according to the need of the time. And online mode of teaching-being the only possible alternative way of learning for time being, should be made very effective by making the students to actively participate during online classes and regularity of attendance of students should be regularly checked by the respective teachers and do all that can and must be done in order to make sure not to hamper the learning of the students. Most importantly students should wisely manage their daily timing and use the immense blessing we are endowed with the power of technology with consistent efforts from our side with positive outlook and hope, marching forward with a definite vision in unison.
The way forward!
 Manipur, a glorious State since time immemorial with its scenic beauty and magnificent geographical topography has been a melting pot of rich culture and tradition and is also a rich hotspot for tourism.
 The State is also highly recognised for its contribution to the field of games and sports even at the National and international level. Furthermore, the literacy rate of the State is high at 74.04 per cent and this is our strength.  
As responsible citizens , we should and must be well equipped with all possible backups and possible remedies and fight against all odds to not let the educational sector be hampered by this untamed pandemic too.
As Nelson Mandela, the first President said, "Education is the most powerful weapon with which you can change the world” and always remember that that the youths of today are the leaders of tomorrow and the future belongs to them.