Call to declare 30th May as Manipur Diaspora Day

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He also proposed to press and urge the Government for providing institutional support and adopt 30th May as the Manipur Diaspora Day
Technical Session : The webinar had four separate technical session for Burma (Present Myanmar),   Bangladesh, Tripura Session and Assam. In the Burma (Present Myanmar) session, representatives from the different Manipuri inhabited village of Amarpura Bamon Khunjao, Hninsi Chan Khul, Lairik Yengbam Leikai, Mindde Ekin Khul, Nithem Purit Khul and Sagaing Bamon Khul gave presentations. The presentations highlighted the religious practices prevalent among the Hindus primarily Brahmins of Manipuri diasporas in Burma. In the Bangladesh Technical Session, Shri AK Sheram, president, Bangladesh Manipuri Sahitya Sangsad gave a lecture highlighting the contemporary socio-cultural and political life of Manipuri diaspora in present Bangladesh. In the Tripura session, Shri L Birmangal Singha, general secretary, Manipuri Sahitya Parishad, Tripura gave the presentation. Prof. Khumujam Dhiren Singha, Department of Linguistics, Assam  University, Silchar & general secretary, Assam Manipuri Sahitya Parishad; and Shri Saikhom Kamalakanta Singha, Retired Principal, DNK HSS, Silchar & Chairman, Committee on Culture for Peace and Integrity spoke at Assam Session.
Resolution : The five points were adopted: 1. To urge the Govt of Manipur (GoM) to declare 30th May as the Manipur Diaspora Day.
2. To urge the GoM to construct and commission a Diaspora Guest House at Imphal. 3. To urge the GoM to initiate the Centre for Manipur Diaspora at DM University, Manipur University of Culture,  and Manipur University. 4. To publish a book on Manipur Diaspora. 5. To organize an Intl Conference on Manipur Diaspora.