A cry and an appeal to world leaders

Dr Ranbir Laishram
Amid the Covid-19 pandemic
And Nature's fury
The world family faces
Epidemics of  armed conflict for power among its members
The most vulnerable - Women and children,
People with disabilities,
The neglected and the displaced, pay the highest price.

The world faces today,
An epidemic of hunger, destitute,
Depression, man made poverty
And loss of health professionals,
Refugees and others
Displaced by violent conflict
In war-ravaged countries,
Health system has collapsed.

The fury of the virus demonstrates
The folly of the war.
It is the time to call -
Lockdown on armed conflict and political infighting and
Focus  on the true fight of our lives.

It is time to -
Pull back from hostilities.
Put aside mistrust and animosity.
Silence the guns;
Stop the artillery;
And end the airstrikes.

This is crucial ...
To help create windows for life-saving aid.
To open opportunities for diplomacy and
bring hope  among the most vulnerable .
But we need much more.
End the sickness of war and fight the disease.
Stopping the fighting everywhere
Take inspiration from coalitions and
Dialogue among rival parties to enable joint approaches to COVID-19 .