Tormented Mind

Minakshi Devi
A tussle within me is quite unsettled, unrelented.
It resembles a tempest left unleashed.
For its stand against me is a choice, unchosen.
I stay fear tainted behind splintered mirror,unspoken.
Track too much deviated away from its light ,
Drills into the caves of past,shrieks echoing
From a mind in turmoil,a heart in anguish.

Blood dripping through the masked memories
Of unhealed wounds and cracks across my soul.
I am chocked to a point beyond which,
Frozen and stark, I stood in a black iron circle of silence.
Baffled, I called onto my mind,tormented much
Lost amidst incoherent war of doubts,
Seeking fitting answers, I can't live without.

From a distance I  saw another with the  tormented mind.
But couldn I even pity her pain?
When I could scarcely pity my own?