Dreaming big by doing small

Birkarnelzelzit Thiyam
Today’s article might not sound like the coolest advice to many of you, but I would request you to keep reading till the end because it might make sense to some of you. You, like me, might also be motivated to do something small. Yes, you heard it right, small. There is a humongous power in doing small things. It is the minor and unimportant efforts each day that yield colossal results. The world however, does not appreciate the minor things but looks at the grander end result.  
Everyone dreams to get bigger, better and richer. Our dreams aren’t small, we all dream big- someone fancies a Range Rover, for some it is the solitaire ear rings, for a few it is to get selected in NDA and for some it is to make a billion-dollar venture. We all want mightier versions of reality from our crazy imaginations. Till the phase of ideation, this all seems good. Because we are in the plane above reality- we have the ability and the permission to soar, to fly higher or swim deeper. That’s all permitted in that zone where we are day dreaming, creating an imagination and building in air. This is probably the most important phase of all creation. From the simplest item in your house- a sewing needle to your phone, laptop, voice recorder, chair, gas oven- everything that you use today was once someone’s crazy idea.
The problem comes when you are struck with reality after the dream is over-once you are out of the bubble to face the real world, when you are back to senses in the realm of the known. That is when you realize that there is a long way to go, the journey long and tiring, the destination unknown. At this time fear grips you-You are struck with the harshness of the long range of possibilities. And at this time, either you give up and think that your idea was silly. You also reject it like so many other people. And you make your mind and heart realize that big things are done by great men, you are ordinary- you give yourselves so many excuses.  That’s what 99% of people do. They give up on the second stage-courage.
And for 1% who can overcome their fears-build. They create their realities. And it is not easy. It’s a horrendous task to conquer your fears, to fight yourself. It takes guts to prove the world wrong when the insides of you are scared of failing too. Those who now enter the phase of creation, find it very difficult to persist. The problem comes when the ground reality becomes your reality too. When once you had the luxury to imagine- but now you are a commoner slogging on ground. Your dream might be a billion dollars and you know the reality is you don’t even have 10 cents in your pocket. Such reality is a mirror- that shows you the real you, the naked truth of things. People often get intimidated by this person whom they see. Not because they are struck by reality but because they do not like this reality. They like the dream version better. They do not want to be face to face with this person because suddenly the destination seems very far and unreachable. People at this stage- called Reality, quit. They have thoughts, let me go back to my previous job, let me sell this off and start something new. Again-Excuses.
But people who can fight this, go in the league where there is no pain, no expectation, no happiness, no loss- this zone is called workaholism- this zone is the most spiritual part of the journey. It is that part when the tides are high, the current of water against you, no direction, nothing to cling to-the only thing left to do is swim with all your might. With every drop of sweat and blood in your body–just keep trying. And these people might get robotic-they do the same work again and again. There is nothing special about turning up to the office every-day, there is no holiday- they are consumed in something that they dreamt. They are above imagination and below reality.
And then one fine day, you see extraordinary human beings. Were they doing something different ? No. They were doing small things with persistence and precision. Their efforts were unnoticed, they still worked hard when no one appreciated. When the whole world was asleep and in deep slumber they were working. And then, people call them great. Are they great ? Yes, of course. They became so by dreaming big and doing small.
The writer is an International Awardee and also a major in International Business Marketing from Algonquin College, Ottawa, Canada. He can be reached at [email protected] Watch his motivational videos on YouTube at Live With Bir.