Surviving COVID-19 Is it the end of a battle or beginning of another one

Dr Th Hrishikesh (MBBS)
Contd from previous issue
1. Always follow the guidelines issued from time to time by experts like Health Departments and WHO.
2. Access physical rehabilitation for patients with prolonged hospitalisation, mechanical ventilation and long ICU stay.
3. Timely intervention through regular health check-up which may include physical examination, CT scan and X-ray of lung and various lab investigations like liver function test (LFT), kidney function tests (KFT), lipid profile, sugar and serum electrolytes etc.
4. Take adequate rest and sleep as fatigue and lethargy may be present even after the recovery also.
5. Monitor blood oxygen level by pulse oximeter for few weeks after recovery.
6. Drink plenty of fluids as adequate hydration is vital.
7. Proper intake of rich nutritious diet should be obtained.
8. Maintain hygiene to avoid any opportunistic infections (fungal).
9. Covid appropriate behaviour such as wearing mask, regular washing of hand, maintaining social distance and sanitization is to be followed to avoid reinfection.
10. Breathing exercises are to be practised by taking deep inhalation and exhalation.
11. Seek help from a psychiatrist whenever needed.
12. Perform 6 minute walk test (it is not advisable if the patients is suffering from pulmonary diseases):
Ø Before the test, check the oxygen level.
Ø Walk for 6 minutes straight without any pause.
Ø And then check the oxygen level again. If oxygen levels drop below 93% and have breathlessness then seek medical advice as a routine check up. If the oxygen level stays same or above 94% then it can be considered as healthy.
N.B: This test is to check the functioning of lungs after post Covid infection. Elderly people or above 60 years can perform the test with 3 minutes walk.
13. Encourage yourself to be motivated to overcome all the hurdles by obtaining self care and positive mindsets.
 In addition to the public awareness, it is high time that we keep some tools such as thermometer, oximeter, sanitizer, disinfectant, good quality masks etc. ready at home to successfully fight this deadly virus. Each and every one of us is individually responsible towards our ownselves and collectively towards the society in fighting this pandemic.
 As there is a means of fighting every war this pandemic is no exception. Timely testing, monitoring symptoms, following Covid appropriate behaviours are few to be mentioned. There shouldn’t be any stigmatisation to the patients who are suffering from COVID-19 as this can knock at anyone’s door unannounced, so if today it is him or her tomorrow it can be me or us.