IYAK observes 6th foundation day

The Indigenous Youths' Association of Kangleipak (IYAK) today observed its 6th foundation day via video conference in wake of the Covid pandemic.
IYAK in a press release said that president of the association, Kh Max extended greetings to fellow indigenous folks on the eve of IYAK's foundation day and urged all to remain safe from Covid during the virtual observation programme.
Max had also recalled that the association was flouted to help youth escape from being regressive and unproductive, it said.
While highlighting the role of youths towards a progressive society, the association president had also pointed out that IYAK had taken up many useful initiatives in these years with the help of various sections of the society and vowed to continue the good work in days to come, it said.
Attending the virtual event as a special invitee, cultural activist Ningthouja Lancha spoke on the impact of Covid-19 on education, socio-economic condition and the policy of the Government towards fighting the pandemic, the release said.
In his speech, Lancha had said that the State is unable to join the race of development all due to infringement on the State's own cultural and educational values over the years, it said.
He also advised the present generation to be observant of the situation, take steps accordingly and contribute in amending the existing 'outdated' educational system, it said.
The cultural activist had also said it will be futile to reconsider the former lifestyle after this pandemic ended and called on to reform our lifestyle to adapt to or lessen the impact of another pandemic.
Speaking on the topic 'Responsibility of Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) in realising a full fledged Kangleipak', advisor of IYAK,  Y Meiraba had expressed concern over the losing grip of administration and governance to non locals, it said.
He had also stressed on the importance of CSOs in reviving the former self of Kangleipak during the function, the release continued.
Advisor to IYAK, Ingba Mangang and Dr H Jiten also spoke respectively on topics related to 'impairment in religious values and the role of youth' and 'the role of youth in a society', the release continued.
The IYAK also called on all to remain safe and work collectively to give the coming generations a self sufficient and sustaining society.