Thoughts Random : In times of Corona second wave-ll

Rajendra Kshetri
Good Morning Manipur,
For almost one year and a half, people all over the world have been combating Covid ceaselessly to keep the virus at bay and stop the Corona menace.
The Corona pandemic has claimed millions of lives the world over cutting across caste, creed, communities, race and religion. It is a war, a global war against  Covid-19. Unlike the two World Wars when countries used to fight against one another. It is a United Global Front against one single enemy. Corona affects everyone. What affects Africa, America, Europe affects Asia as well and vice versa. What the magnificent seventeenth century metaphysical poet John Donne said centuries ago couldn't be more relevant than now in times of our fight against C19: "No man is an island/ Entire of itself/ Every man is a piece of the continent/A part of the main... Any man's death diminishes me/ Because I am involved in mankind/ And therefore never send to know for/ Whom the bell tolls/ It tolls for thee".
Meanwhile, my random thoughts which according to  a colleague in the department are 'random but meaningful' refuse to call it a day. So it continues...
8. S: Sir, a stupid sounding question . Why do people elect politicians as their MLAs and MPs ?
T : No, it doesn't sound stupid. It is basic rather. People elect them to represent their voice, look after their needs and help in times of crisis.
S : We are now in the midst of an unprecedented Covid-19 crisis. People are rendered helpless by the raging pandemic. Why are our MLAs and MPs , except for a few, not coming out to help people?
T: B'coz people have elected  POLITICAL DEALERS,  Not POLITICAL LEADERS.
S: And Sir, to think of those Big Big Promises politicians made at the time of elections. They all promised the moons and the suns.
T: Why surprise, my dear ! Remember Charles De Gaulle who said "since a politician never believes what he says, he is quite surprised to be taken at his words".
S: Of course Sir, I do. I also remember another De Gaulle quote that you very often used in the classroom-- "politics is too serious to be left to the politicians ".
T: Oh yes, my boy. I almost forgot. (18 May 2021).
9. Student : Sir, are our MLAs and MPs very poor ?
Teacher: No, why do you ask?
Student: They are asking public to donate to fight Covid-19.
Teacher : That's ok. Nothing wrong. In fact, we all must donate, big or small.
Student: Yes Sir, but why don't they donate first to begin with, to start , as an example to set as role model.
Teacher : Good point,  my dear.
Student : Also Sir, I heard MLAs and MPs have crores of rupees in their name as Local Area Development Fund. If they all donate 1 crore each to buy oxygen, precious lives could be saved.
Teacher : Rightly said my dear. But who taught you all these things? IT IS OUT OF SYLLABUS.
Student : But Sir, you always insist and encourage to look beyond the syllabus. I remember your fab line Sir--- Think Out Of The Box.
Teacher : Really, my dear ! Out of the box ! Did I say that ? Did I ? ( 16 May 2021).
10. Vaccines Masks Soc- Distance Sntzr-Hygn are prerequisites in the fight against Covid. What tops them is Mental Strength. Will to fight. Will to live. (15 May 2021).
11. Drone(s) may/could be used for home delivery service of Covid related essential items/medicines. What say ? (13 May 2021).
12. Bijaya of AIR Imphal passed away. Very sad... couldn't bring myself to believe. A very humble and jolly person she was/is, ever ready to extend a helping hand. To me and her friends,  she was synonymous with AIR Imphal. May her soul rest in eternal peace. (12 May 2021).
13. I Don't Want to see my dearest Manipur to be a la Delhi where oxygen cylinders concentrators/ventilators are kept hidden by hoarders and black marketers while precious lives are lost for want of oxygen. Manipur had learned many many things , lessons from Delhi. Good and/or bad. Let's Not Learn This. Not This One. This Delhi Must  Not Be, Should not be our Role Model. (10 May 2021).
14. Can't help thinking...
US, INDIA and JAPAN are the 3 countries (in the world) standing as major deterrents to China's quest for world supremacy. PRC's journey from South China Sea to Tibet to Sinkaku Island disputes to attain the status of unchallenged global superpower has faced stiff resistance from US, India and Japan. Then, Covid-19 happened. Whether it happens out of nowhere, a bolt from the blue, a natural disaster or a man made biological weaponization, only time will tell. Curiously enough though, the Covid First Wave 2020 hit the US hardest. India is and continues to be hit hardest by the Second Wave. Certainly a case of getting curiouser and curiouser. The Third Wave may in all probability hit Japan hardest if patterns of the first two waves are anything to go by. Missions accomplished ? China's (disguised) attempt to achieve Numero Uno status among the world communities successful ?
Can't help thinking...(10 May 2021).
15. Wanna know the priceless value of a  Mother ? Try Doing What A Mother  Does Twenty Four Seven . Happy Mother's Day to All The Mothers. (9 May 2021).
16. If no one responds to
your call
Walk alone...
If no one talks for fear
Speak out alone...
If all turns away,
Walk alone...
Over the thorns and
along the blood-strewn
Walk alone...
Remembering Tagore, the FIRST ASIAN to win Nobel. (9 May 2021).
17. It is only when you start buying oxygen did you realise the value of a tree.( 7 May 2021).
18. Politicians of the world: Unite. Shed your parochial mindset. Save fellow humans from Coronavirus. You have nothing to lose but your negative image. ( 7 May 2021).
19. I simply can't bring myself to understand the mentality of these people who are out making profits, hoarding oxygen at such crucial times when people are dying. ( 6 May 2021).

*Rajendra Kshetri is Professor of Sociology at Manipur University, Imphal. Author of several academic books, his non-fiction poetry book on River Nambul was recently published which has received critical reviews and comments.