Child victims of aggression

Dr. Dipak Nath, PhD
Contd from previous issue
The abuse of children is due to lack of social structure and weak police vigilantism in failed democracies. The human cost of war is usually borne by children because they would have lost their parents, their education and their whole livelihood and hence they grow up in an environment filled with hate and bigotry. It is said that killing one terrorist will give rise to a hundred more terrorists and hence killing a parent will turn a child into a terrorist and an anarchist. Child abuse and violence on children can have a cascading effect on the social-political and economic aspects of a country. The United Nations children’s fund for child protection and convention on the rights of the child has pledged billions of dollars in war-torn nations to protect children from abuse and slavery.
The International Day of Innocent Children Victims of Aggression is observed in India by creating awareness campaigns around the country about child abuse. It is not a public holiday but rather a day of observance for people who have left children in a state of turmoil due to failed policies in failed democracies. More than 2 million children have been killed in conflicts across Arab countries in the last two decades.
In countries such as Iraq, Iran and Syria who has been in civil war for more than a decade has lost millions of people due to war and unrests within. More than 10 million child refugees are now taken care of by the United Nations Refugee Agency. It is because of the observance of International Day of Innocent Children Victims of Aggression by the United Nations that child abuse is now a spotlight and a priority for international leaders. The international community has to come together to save our children, else we will be leaving plenty of hatred and violence for future generations.
The main purpose of International Day of Innocent children victims of aggression is to educate the general public about the abuses that children are going through in many countries and hence for their leaders to formulate proper policies and laws in place to prevent this abuse and violence on  children. The International Day of Innocent Children Victims of Aggression celebrates the millions of individuals and organizations working to protect and preserve the rights of children.
 This day is a time for individuals and organizations all over the world to become aware of the impact of monstrosity of abuse, in all its forms, against children.

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