Child victims of aggression

Dr. Dipak Nath, PhD
Contd from previous issue
It is also a time when organizations and individuals learn from or take part in awareness campaigns centered on protecting children’s rights.
How can we observe International Day of Innocent Children Victims of Aggression? There are several ways we can observe the day. Reading and understanding the impact of aggression on children and the importance of children’s rights are the foremost things to do. Sharing this knowledge with others through text messages, blogs, etc., proactively can help us highlight the issues many children of the world experience every day. This may also help us protect or save children around us from abusive situations. One may also donate to children’s welfare drives at institutions and NGOs that work to protect children affected by war and conflicts.
Raising funds for these organizations is another way one can contribute to this cause. These funds are needed to rescue children from war-stricken areas, provide refuge and medical aid for rehabilitation, and provide awareness on children as well as human rights. One can also participate in campaigns run by several organizations and individuals to protect the rights of children.
One can share relevant and informative posts, articles, videos, etc., on social media with friends and family, too. The idea is to reach out to as many people as possible to spread awareness about the issue and encourage them to take small but effective steps to help the under aged victims of aggression until no child suffers from violence or the effects of violence.
The day helps child abuse get global attention and emphasizes the rights of the children. The United Nations aims to achieve the milestone of zero violence against children by 2030. They also strive for the creation of a fair and equitable society for children.
There is no trust more sacred than the one the world holds with children. There is no duty more important than ensuring that their rights are respected, that their welfare is protected, that their lives are free from fear and want and that they can grow up in peace. Let’s take one step towards ensuring the children of the world are safe and are given equal opportunities to grow. The writer is Dy. Director of Extension Education
Central Agricultural University, Imphal, Manipur