Making it to Kofi Annan’s listRs 42.5 lakh pay package

For close to 18 months or a little over 14/15 months, it has been Covid, Covid and more Covid all the way and it came like a whiff of fresh breath to learn that amid this all round gloom some individuals have gone ahead to give a glimmer of hope and sunshine with their success stories. So even as The Sangai Express listed the number of fresh positive cases and deaths due to the virus, not to speak of a grenade attack being launched at the office of a student organisation, came the news that a young girl from Ukhrul district headquarters has made it to the list of Kofi Annan Changemakers. This was one of those rare positive news to have hit the front page of The Sangai Express for some time and topping this off was the news that two students of National Institute of Technology, Manipur have been offered a pay package of Rs 42.5 lakh by none other than Microsoft. Closely following these two brilliant students was another who was offered Rs 33 lakh per annum by Inuit. All achievers in the real sense of the term and this is what makes life worth living and experiencing and maybe serve as the ideal motivation to the thousands of young people who are out there trying to make a name for themselves in their chosen fields. Just a few days before these young news makers made it to the pages of the newspapers, was the report that at least six from Manipur made their way to the National football team. All news that one can be proud of and this underlines why Manipur is so fondly referred to as the Sports Powerhouse of the country. The Covid pandemic has obviously paralysed everything, but this does not mean that the human will to excel and go one up from what was yesterday has been defeated and herein lies the beauty of the human endeavour to go one notch up above everything else.
For the young people, there are lessons to be learnt from the stories of the achievers. It would not have been easy for the young girl from Ukhrul to venture into uncharted territory, at least as far as the hill district is concerned and set up a company churning out chocolates and confectioneries. It is admirable that the young girl in question here has kept the indigenous farmers in mind while venturing out with her company rolling out exotic chocolates and confectioneries keeping in mind the palate of her own people ! This is what marks out a person from the run of the mill individuals whose understanding of running a company may just refuse to go beyond the obvious. The offer from Microsoft and Intuit to three young students of NIT-M is also a reminder to all that it is not always the IIT guys and girls who can catch the eyes of the top notch international companies but about how one presents one’s ideas and concepts during campus recruitment. Something not learnt in class but which reflects very well on the institute, which is NIT-M in this case. Even more gratifying to note is that 58 final year students from this institute have received job offers from top notch companies including TCS, Accenture, LNT, Infosys etc. The six who have made it to the team to represent India at the international level have once again underlined the Sports Powerhouse of the country tag and justifies the location of NSU here.