COHR condemns 'brutal' killing of Mangboilal

The Committee on Human Rights (COHR), Manipur has strongly condemned the alleged 'brutal' killing of one Mangboilal Lhouvum of Chalwa village in Kangpokpi district on June 4 last by Major Alok Sathe, Commanding Officer, E Company of 44th AR, Banglabung outpost during an operation.
Many have fallen victim to brute and excessive actions by armed forces with the gradual imposition of disturbed area status all over the State and under the AFSPA-1958, said COHR in a press release.
With the immunity guaranteed by AFSPA, armed forces deployed in the State have been violating human rights in the name of suppressing militancy and maintenance of law and order situation, it said.
Many have been killed after being charged as underground cadres in fake encounters or extrajudicial killings and there are cases of massacre at various public places violating 'right to life'. Not only this, there have been cases of rape, sexual harassment and even killing of women in the name of counter insurgency operation by the armed forces.
More than thousand cases related to extrajudicial killings are still pending in the Supreme Court and at times the Apex Court had reprimanded Army and State Government for their inaction. The Court had also directed Centre and the State to institute Special Investigation Teams to ensure fair trial of the cases and as such investigation for many cases are currently underway, it said.
Should not the killing of Mangboilal amidst such a situation that too by a responsible AR officer be considered as a crime against humanity, asked COHR which also reiterated that neither army or police personnel have any judicial authority.
Demanding the State Government to ensure befitting punishment to the 'criminals' and ensure justice to the family members, COHR also called for immediate revocation of the 'Draconian Law' under which armed forces enjoy impunity for their brute and excessive actions.