HiDiPSAM appeals

The Hill Districts Private Schools Association, Manipur (HiDiPSAM), in a statement appealed to the State Government to allow the association to contribute in what they know and do best, which is giving unbiased and objective marks to the students.
HiDiPSAM stated that they have learned that the State Government is considering the cancellation of Class X and XII board examinations 2021 due to COVID-19 following the announcement of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to cancel the CBSE board exam on June 1.
The State Government is right in doing so in the interest of the student community and their parents, but some concerns regarding the allocation of marks remain. It is still unclear what criteria would be used for allotment of marks, which has caused a great deal of consternation to some students who have been planning to get into good institutions within and outside the State, it added.
HiDiPSAM continued that it will be a gross injustice to some students to distribute marks on the basis of some algorithms, however scientific. In a typical classroom situation, students are assessed on different parameters, and their teachers are the best judge.
Schools have been shut for some time now due to the pandemic, however some students have been slogging sincerely for good marks. For them, only good marks could open a brighter and better future, it added.
HiDiPSAM further appealed to the State Government and the concerned authority to allow them to contribute in what they know and do best and let the allotment of marks be the prerogative of the association.