Flight of the heart

Chandrakant Lamabam

Filled with hope, ideas, emotions in one moment,
A blank white canvass, the next moment
Could be filled with whatever in the universe,
That’s the way of the heart;
Overflowing with nectar of life,
Flowing through the river of humanity

Even if it wet a smallest of dryness
In the vast ocean of creation,
Let it sprout with beauty in the barren ones
Starved of love;
Bring on the mantra of the one,
Enlighten us,
Show us the way of the heart.

Spread the wings of free will,
Gliding through the quagmire of time
An eternal love that encompasses all,
Touching the sparks of ultimate truth,
Oh god! Let my heart be pure
And sublime, to enter from the smallest
To the never ending, never reaching.
Give me the flight.