The contagion we failed to comprehend...

Dr Ranbir Laishram
Amid controversies of its origin,
The tiny Dictator is in our midst;
Unaware  to many,
Known to few at the inception,
The one who leaked,
Butchered for knowing the most.

The untra-microb,with ever changing spikes like the 'Ravana',
Sagacious, with a ability to morph at will,
It's IQ far greater than human Robot,
Ready to stangulate the humans with a sardonic smile.

Pandemic woes,
Everybody in doldrums,
Are we doing justice to ourselves ?
Boasts of our abilities,
But blind in reality by self-worth,
The contagion laughs loudly
Making a mockery of our competence...

The chaos continues ...
Research after research,
Vaccine after vaccines,
More  remedial drugs and herbs,
Someone asks -
Is the solution buried deep inside
the pandemic chaos ?
The tidal waves of the pandemic ,
Does it thrive on our idiocy ?
SOP voice, everywhere,
Stay indoors !

Are we living merrily with the contagion
Inside our dwellings,
Disseminating the contagion ?
Are we fuelling the epidemic unawares ?
A time to  listen to the critics,
Time to observe,and analyze,
Retrospect and introspect...
Through  lessons learnt,
We can see some light at the far end of the tunnel.
Someone asks  -
Does the solution nest inside the chaos itself ?
Yes it is, indeed !