MMWO decries

Imphal, Jul 14: Manipur Muslim Welfare Organisation (MMWO) has come out strongly against the directives of the State Government that ‘that advised the respective SPs to ban slaughtering and transportation of cattle ahead of  Idul Zuha festival.’
Addressing the press at Hatta, MMWO president Abdulla Phundreimayum cautioned of stern agitations if a ban is placed on slaughtering animals for religious purposes and added that the  State Government should take responsibility for any eventuality.
Abdulla Phundreimayum asserted that the direction issued on July 13 by the SP of CID (CB), Manipur is akin to challenging the followers of Islam faith.
Saying that the order is targeting the Meetei-Pangal community, he urged all concerned to withdraw the order at the earliest.
He also contended that the silence of the Home Department on this  matter is rather disappointing.
If the order is fake, then the authority concerned must clarify at the earliest and those preparing and circulating the forged documents  should be booked, he added.
According to the ruling of the Supreme Court, killing animals and consuming meat for religious purposes is allowed, he added.
Maintaining that Meetei-Pangal community too condemns illegal slaughtering of animals, Abdulla contended that infringing on the religious conduct of Islam is not right.  
Even the Hindus sacrifice animals on Durga Puja, he reasoned.