Curfew backed

IMPHAL, Jul 17 : Joint Committee on COVID-19 has said that the Statewide curfew imposed by the Government from Sunday is absolutely necessary to curb the spread of the virus and appealed the masses to strictly follow the rules to aid in the fight against the pandemic.
Jeetendra Ningomba, member of the committee said this in a video message released today and said the trend of positive cases and fatalities in the State is showing no sign of improvement.
He added that even after more than 50 days of lockdown, the State has been unable to control the pandemic.
Many western countries have already put the pandemic under control albeit being some of the most affected regions. The reason behind the ability to control the pandemic was because of widespread vaccination and following the COVID-19 SOP strictly, Jeetendra Ningomba added.
He appealed everyone to get vaccinated at the earliest and not believe the numerous fake and unfounded reports about vaccines that are being circulated on social media platforms.