M Minakshi Devi
You've curved this shade of living into lullaby,
A cradle song with chosen chorus,
Revolved around, brought my soul to prominence.
This phantom life of mine,blindly romantic.

My anger, my rage brought to an end, you mollified.
To ye, who is my lullaby,
Preserve me as the days go by.

Come back from far off wine red selvage of the west
Till you drift up, up and near,
Never let my heart solidify.

Love me like a foetus in a womb,pure and holy,
All of my flaws and insecurities define well who I am.
Take me as I am.
Stay ye, who is my lullaby.

Hold and love me before I go and die.
The town is silent, the night dims with eleven stars.
Oh! Starry night,this is how I want to die
With lullaby by my side.